4 Food Items that are Harmful to Your Cat’s Health

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According to the words of Charles Dickens – “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” holds a special place in every cat owner’s heart. Cats are very much different in terms of their behavior and activity; unlike dogs, they are not always playful or seeking attention. They are temperamental at times and this affects their behaviour as well as diet pattern. Nevertheless, your love for your feline is unconditional and that is why you provide the best natural cat food to promote your cat’s well-being.

Sometimes you may feel tempted to feed your cat some special treats or bits and pieces from your favorite food items. Although it is a good loving gesture for your cat, some foods may do more harm than good to your precious feline.

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Let us look at the food items that are toxic to your cat’s diet and also must not be included in his/her natural pet food.

Onions and garlic :

Onions and garlic are those ingredients that make our food tasty but that is not so when your cat food is involved. Onions and garlic must not be fed to cats as it leads to anemia and causes damage to their red blood cells. Exposure to any quantity of onion and garlic is dangerous for your cat’s health. And if you have already fed onions and garlic to your cat for some days and if he/she is showing lethargy and weakness or having orange to dark red urine and pale gums, immediately visit a vet.

Chocolate and caffeinated drinks :

Chocolates are toxic not only for dogs but your fellow feline as well. Methylxanthines is a substance that is present in chocolates that results in high body temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle aches, abdominal pains and seizures. Even caffeinated beverages use Methylxanthines and hence, chocolates and caffeinated drinks must be avoided at all cost. Visit a vet if your cat shows any of these symptoms after consuming chocolates or caffeinated drinks.

Raw eggs and meats:

Consuming raw eggs and raw meat are bad for human’s health; similarly, it is dangerous for your cat’s health too since it cause E.coli poisoning. Cats suffering from E.coli show symptoms like lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, even humans can contract this disease from their feline and so it is advisable to wash your hands after cooking and keep these raw foods away from your cat. Moreover, raw eggs can induce skin and coat problems in your cat due to an enzyme that is present inside the eggs. So now you know why raw eggs and meat are bad for your cat. You can provide natural cat food from the best cat food supplier as such cat foods are well-cooked in hygienic conditions and are completely safe for your feline.

Alcohol :

Foods that contain alcohol as an ingredient and also alcoholic beverages, are also toxic for your cat. If consumed, your poor feline can suffer from breathing trouble, vomiting, loss of balance or even may die. So if your cat has consumed alcohol even a small amount, bring it to your vet’s immediate attention.

Conclusion – Your cat’s good health depends on what he/she eats. If saying NO to your feline’s request of having any of these foods is difficult, just remember seeing your cat vomiting, lethargic and having diarrhea is a more heart breaking scene. Also, make sure that the cat foods that you purchase from any reputed pet food supplier NC, there must be none of these toxic food items in the ingredients. You can also keep these food items out of your cat’s reach and stimulate a healthy lifestyle for your pretty feline. To know more about our cat foods, visit http://www.perrousa.com/cats-food/cat-food-suppliers

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