Pet Nutrition with All Natural Pet Food

Owning a pet and pet nutrition goes hand in hand. In order to promote the best health of your pet, providing the best natural pet food is important. PerroUSA is a leading pet food supplier in USA of all natural Pet food products that contains all the nutrients- carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, in their right proportion. Be it a dog or a cat, a new-born or a senior animal, our pet nutrition products cater to the needs of your pet, according to their size, weight, age, physical activity and energy level. All our pet nutrition products are made with extreme care and according to the guidelines prescribed by Association of American Food Control (AAFCO). Whether your dog is underweight or obese, a picky eater or suffers from digestive problems, our pet nutrition products are a solution to all your pet problems in relation to their nutritional intake.

Benefits of our our natural pet food:

  • Tones up your pet’s body condition and muscle
  • Promotes healthy coat and skin
  • Improves digestion
  • Removes waste products from inside the body efficiently
  • Boosts immunity, preventing diseases
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  • Three food nutrients provide energy (Fat, Carbohydrates & Protein)
  • Fat contains about twice as much energy as proteins & carbohydrates.
  • Pet food with highest fat content will provide highest energy
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Water Intake
  • Average dog drinks 8.5 - 17 ounces per 10 lbs of weight
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Dry Food vs. Wet Food
  • Dry food is more concentrated and contains only 10% water vs 80% in canned.
  • Dry food is easily stored and preserved
  • Dry food allows 'ad libitum' feeding. Resulting in less stress on animal.
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When should I feed my dog?
  • Evening is the best time to feed your dog.
  • Physical activity should be avoided after a meal. Rest improves digestion.
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Moistening of Kibbles
  • Not necessary. Extruded kibbles are normally fed dry.
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Food Variation
  • Dogs do not need variation.
  • A dog gets accustomed to a type of food which aids in digestion.
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My dog is thin / My dog is overweight
  • Thin dogs should be given a food with more energy (fat)
  • Overweight should be given food with less energy (fat)
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Digestive problems
  • Rice is the most digestible grain, Perrousa Salmon & Rice or Lamb & Rice are perfect for the treatment of intestinal disorders.
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