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Who is Perrousa?

An American pet food company selling Made in America super premium pet foods with free home delivery.

Why is our food better?

Our food is cooked in small batches every month, using only all-natural ingredients and never any Corn, Wheat or Soy.

Where is our food made?

All our pet food and treats are made at family owned and operated USDA inspected plants located in the USA.

What is the reason our kibbles have different sizes and shapes?

We offer different sizes and shape per recipe. The shape and size of the kibble is chosen to ensure the food is cooked just right for maximum palatability, digestibility and performance

Are any of your ingredients or foods preserved with artificial preservatives?

Perrousa products do not contain any artificial preservatives. We buy and use only natural ingredients.

How do I transition my pet to Perrousa?

It takes 1-2 weeks to transition to a new food. Start with a 75% old to 25% new mix, then 50:50, and finally 25/75 until you have switched to Perrousa entirely.

Does Perrousa offer coupons?

Yes, periodically your local franchise will have coupons available.

How do I buy your food?

Our food is sold through local franchises only. If we do not have a franchise in your area we will ship FREE via UPS.

Is your food guaranteed?

Perrousa offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or your pet does not like the recipe, you can receive an immediate full refund or a new recipe.

Does Perrousa offer any special programs for Veterinarians, breeders or rescue programs?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information.

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