Role of Cat Food Companies in Helping Your Kitten to Grow

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Like all other living beings, your kitten too will one day grow up into a healthy and good-looking cat. But if you want to assure the best health benefits to your kitty, you must provide appropriate diet from an early age. And this certainly calls for buying healthy cat foods from the best cat food suppliers.

Your kitten requires a tailor-made diet which has all the nutrients in the right proportion. The diet must be such that it caters to the all-round development of your kitty. And when it comes to offering health benefits to your feline, providing pet foods from the top cat food suppliers can be of great help.

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Your kitten is presently in a precarious stage where it needs good nutrition. Pet foods from a good cat food company help to bring the following developments of your kitten:

1. Neurological developments:

Cats are known to be animals with great reflexive powers. And you can witness this clearly when they are at play. Only when the nerves are perfectly developed, cats will have strong reflex actions. Besides, your kitten’s bone structure, teeth and digestive systems are also enhanced when he/she eats nutritious cat foods everyday.

2. Motor development:

It is because of healthy motor development that your new born kitten gradually learns to walk and run (just like a human child!). When you provide the best natural pet foods regularly, your kitten develops co-ordination of muscles which brings about various movements like walking, running, jumping, sprinting and so on. At the kitten stage, it learns to walk using only the forelimbs but with time, it gains strength and uses the rear legs too. These developments will certainly take place even if you don’t feed cat foods from any reputed cat food supplier, however at a slower rate.

3. Visual development:

A new-born kitten has his/her eyes closed and gradually opens it within 1 to 2 weeks. The moment your kitten opens his/her eyes, visual stimulus starts to get developed rapidly that enables him/her to look into his/her surroundings. When your kitten will be 10 or 12 weeks old, the visual power of your kitten will get magnificently strengthened than what it was before and it is all due to your decision of giving natural pet food that contains only natural and fresh ingredients.

4. Development of other senses:

When you give cat foods manufactured by good cat food companies, you ensure healthy development of your kitten’s other senses like smell, touch, taste and hearing. Did you know? The sense of smell allows a mother cat to communicate with her child. After birth, she releases pheromones (particular odor) that helps the kittens to locate their mother. A kitten is not born with either the sense of taste or touch. These two senses develop gradually when a kitten is 10 days old or more. A kitten can hear from day 6 or day 14. However, from day 17 onwards, your kitten can distinguish between the noises made by his/her own members and external noises.

Conclusion: Now you know how choosing a reputed cat food supplier can be your great step forward in assuring wholesome health benefits for your adorable kitty. Pets are always precious; they keep you happy and loved unconditionally. As a responsible cat owner, you must look into every aspect of your kitten’s wellbeing. To know more about our natural pet foods, reach us at

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