Top 5 FAQs about Dog Nutrition and Best Dog Dry Food

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Are you an enthusiastic adult dog parent? Then surely you must be delighted to see your best friend healthy and energetic throughout the day. To maintain a healthy adult dog, providing the best dog dry food is mandatory. But besides this fact, there are several other questions that many adult dog owners wonder about. For example: how to choose the best dog food? How many times should my dog go for walks? What are the important nutrients to be included in an adult dog diet? And many more.

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about dogs, their nutrition and their food.

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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by adult dog parents all over the globe:

  • When feeding my adult dog, what are the things to remember?

The first thing that you should ensure when providing food to your adult dog is that it should be completely balanced. If you are giving food from the best dog food companies, make sure you check the label on the packing to know the nutritional facts. It should have the mark of being certified by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). On the other hand, if providing homemade food is your choice, it should have the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. You can consult a good vet regarding the diet plan for your adult dog.

  • How will I know if any food is suitable for my dog?

Observing the appearance of your dog’s coat and body will help you to know if any food is suitable for your dog. In case your dog flaunts a glossy coat and shows a lot of vitality as well as stamina, understand that the particular food is appropriate for your dog. If your dog displays coat that looks dull, has no energy or excretes waste more than he/she usually does, it is a sign that tells you to immediately change the diet or the dog food brand.

  • What amount of food should my adult dog consume everyday?

The right amount of food that your dog should have depends on your pet’s age, size, activity and physical fitness. If your dog is underweight, your dog will require more food and vice-versa. Even a dog’s activity level decides whether your dog needs more or less foods. Body condition is yet another factor for deciding your dog’s appropriate food amount: for example, if there is a condition of a serious ailment, pregnancy or lactating, your dog will require more energy and so more food.

  • How to know whether my dog is obese or underweight?

Determining whether your dog is obese or emaciated is easy.

Symptoms for underweight dogs: Body parts like vertebrae and pelvic bones are quite prominent. If your dog food lacks the necessary nutrition, your dog may suffer from osteoporosis, other bacterial infections as well as lack energy.

Symptoms for obese dogs: If your dog is obese, it will be difficult to feel the ribs or abdomen. There will be fat deposits on the various parts of the body like at the back or at the end of his/her tail. Obese dogs can develop osteoarthritis or diabetes.

  • What is the ideal percentage of protein and fat for my adult dog?

If you are fond of providing dog foods from raw dog food suppliers in USA, make sure it has 10% protein, 6% fat and 50% carbohydrates including 2.5%-4.5% fiber. 

Conclusion– It is known that every dog parent loves their dog like their kids and so being careful about the dietary requirements of their furry friends is unavoidably important. Remember! Your dog cannot verbally say to you which food is the best or worst, which food is affecting him/her more, how many times should he/she eat and other problems that may bother him/her. But you can always be aware of the common facts about adult dog nutrition and consult a vet to give the best to your furry friends. To know more about dog nutrition, visit

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